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Peace of mind accounting software

Connaq Accounting Software makes your business running in simple and easy manner beside in accurate and secure mode. It does provide real time complete view of all day to day accounting transactions. This will allow in data analysis and financial planning for specific accounting period. The system is ready for globalisation business expansion plan since it is compliance with International Accounting Standard.

Fully web-based system

Connaq centralized or decentralized business module is able to synchronize all information and data through this system. It is hassle free as accessible anytime and anywhere with web browser.

Connaq Analytics

Effortless drag and drop categorising is made possible for sort listing data entries for ease of different viewing needs. Able to create graph and chart analysis base on the data pulled out. Besides that, it is very flexible, user friendly and fast in speed.

Listing Analyser

Connaq Analytics module provides data sort listing function. Effortless drag and drop data is possible to make up different viewing for analysis needs. Every transaction categorized by ‘Status’, no need to generate report for simple info viewing. And also, grouping analysis is able to do just simple drag and drop, then the data will auto ‘chunk down’ by level, just like a mind map.

Electronic Approval for purchase & sales

Connaq Approval module can be done electronically for any sales and purchases with just a simple “click” by the party that is providing the approval. This is cutting down the cycle times of approving orders and enhances efficiency.

Multi Documents Conversion

Connaq does cater the function for Multi Documents Conversion (MDC) . This unique feature will allow user to convert multiple documents electronically and is totally beyond the conventional way of converting documents! It is accurate and fast. Besides, it does provide flexibility in designing the documents and has the capability to track the outstanding conversion to avoid double payment in returning stocks. Others conversion includes Invoice to Credit Note, Sales Order directly to Purchase and Inter- Company Billing.

Advance Collection

In Advance Collection option allows Invoice or Cash Sales to be issued prior Delivery Order (DO) is generated. This feature is to provide flexibility to some businesses that may need to collect deposit or full payment before delivery of goods

Features of Connaq Cloud Accounting

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