Case study: Beauty & Aesthetics

(By a beauty clinic owner)

Initially the beauty clinic had engaged with another digital marketing agency but they could only generate few leads with the agency. They decided to search for another digital marketing agency and found Connaq by Alliedsoft via Google Ads. They then decided to let both digital marketing agencies run ad campaigns for the clinic at the same time.

They realized that the leads generated by Connaq were spot on, as Connaq had applied the right marketing principles for the clinic. Plus, the beauty clinic has a skilled sales team, so they were able to close almost 100% of all leads generated.

The ads designed by Connaq are more interactive with a lot more videos projects, compared with the ones from our previous marketing provider. Connaq proposed that the clinic invite influencers, whose contacts they’re ready to provide to the clinic, to shoot some videos promoting the clinic’s services. The Connaq team gave the beauty clinic shooting consultation, edited their videos, brainstormed new ideas with them, etc. Generally they collaborated very closely with each other.

More leads mean more work. The beauty clinic had to set up additional teams and employ more personnel with specialised roles to handle not only the leads generated but also the increasing workload their company started experiencing. So, they have to implement a new business model because of Connaq, and they’re breaking sales records almost every month.

Every time the clinic is organizing a new promotional event, they’ll call the Connaq team up. What the beauty clinic wants is a one-stop solution for all of their marketing needs.

  • Increase in number of leads: 390%
  • Cost per lead reduced by 50%

The clinic has gradually increased their marketing budget up to 300% of their initial marketing allocation for Connaq. They’re opening a second beauty clinic outlet in October and they’re placing their bets on Connaq.

Speaking of close ties, both Connaq and the clinic worked very closely together. The clinic frequently meets up with the Connaq team both online and onsite. Connaq worked with them as if they’re a part of the clinic. They let Connaq in on their sales performance, which Connaq then uses to optimize the clinic’s marketing campaign, ensuring a consistent influx of new customers.

They trusted Connaq, so the clinic let them handle their Facebook and Instagram accounts, website and landing page, influencer sourcing, videos and other media contents, marketing consultation, and brand building.

The beauty clinic initially had doubts engaging yet another digital marketing agency, seeing as their previous one wasn’t delivering the results they had been expecting. Connaq surprised the clinic by outperforming the previous agency: their marketing activities are highly coordinated and closely monitored, and they constantly update the beauty clinic throughout the campaign. The clinic plans to let Connaq handle their Google Ads account as well, which will start anytime soon.

The Connaq team has specialized departments for handling different aspects of marketing, like a visual aids designer, one or two content writers, ads manager etc. It feels much safer to the clinic to let Connaq do the job, as opposed to handing over such a diverse job scope to a one-man-show. Besides, Connaq gives branding consultation, and they’re currently nurturing the clinic’s brand online.

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