Biz it wherever you go, whenever you want!

Mobile On-The-Move is a handy system uniquely designed to streamline sales processes in a business, particularly suited for business owners and sales consultants.

Why choose Mobile On-The-Move

Sales processes could be performed anywhere and anytime, as easy as using a mobile phone or a tablet. It is fast and error-free!

Minimise time spent on clerical work

Clear understanding of the salesman activities

Instant access to product prices and stock balances

Generate sales documents instantly to your customers

Respond on-the-spot to your customer enquiries

Minimise chances of errors arising from miscommunication

Speeding up ordering process to boost sales performance

Eliminate human errors & Reduce workload

In-depth understanding of the overall performance of the business

Ease of expansion of the business

Our Key Features

Trace and track Sales & Collection KPI

Access real time sales & collection information across your organisation and match them with your KPI. Perform immediate actions to boost your sales & improve collection period based on the most up-to-date information.

Stock Instant Enquiry

Gain insights on your stock level and price variances at your fingertips, even when you’re off-site. It strengthens the ability to offer your existing and new customers the available volume with the most competitive price, hence upgrading your trustworthiness!

Mobile eOrdering

Initiate on-the-spot ordering by the hassle-free system, without involving the clericals. It streamlines your sales processes, including the prompt generation of sales documents, hence easing the close of sales and fastening customer payments!

>> More features are available in Connaq’s Stock, Accounting and CRM module.

>>We are able to link Mobile-On-The-Move into your existing system to reduce your effort in system migration.

No more reasons for errors,

only more sales and productivity!


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