SPECTACULAR Strategy That Drive Customer To Your Restaurant

The real challenge that left to restaurant operators is: it is not only necessary to have an irresistible offering, but it also must introduce in the right way and right time.

The future of restaurant is digitalized. How it could help you to expand market?

Implement Online Ordering Services

It is important that u have your own mobile application for customer to order foods. Whether customers order foods when they are on their way to your restaurant or they ask for online delivery. You also may collaborate with third parties delivery organisation like Food Panda, Grab, and Delivery Eat. So that it may easier for you to target more customers using third party developed apps.  Online order allows your kitchen and staff to complete more orders in less time. Make it easier for them and increase your sales.

Utilize Social Media

Of course, leverage the effectiveness of social media that allow you to target millions of active users – for free. Take little time out of your day to connect with customers by sharing photo of new menu, staff and exclusive offer for your follower. You may also ask your customers to review on your site or sharing customer testimonials. Studies show that eight out of 10 consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Effective social media advertising strategy also helps to enhance brand awareness and increase your sales.

Proper Restaurant Technology

Invest technology in your restaurant not only enhance your workplace efficiency, but also brings the feel of advance restaurant to customers. Digitalized order menu that allows customer to self-service and pay after finished order. While install a tablet at every table also faster the order processes. Some small restaurants have financial burden may install the calling button at every table for cost saving. After guests decided which food to order, they can call your staff with a touch of button. You may also consider to install others ordering system in your restaurants.

Up-To-Date Menu

Fix menu hard to fulfil the ever-changing demand of customers over time. Offer different set of meals in every season with affordable price range is one of the ways to turnover existing customers to your restaurant and also attract new customers. Update your restaurant’s menu over time and follow the trend. Example, people crazy about cheese, you may also create a cheese recipe for your restaurants.  People like the taste of milk tea, you may offers similar milk tea recipe in your menu. Flexible menu able to helps you target different kind of customers in different trends.

Develop Your Business On Google

There are so much of things you can do with the top search engine – Google. Claim your business on Google My Business and manage it properly so that interested consumers can find you on Google with correct operating hours and location. If you are planning to generate more solid leads through Google, you may spend money on Google Ads. With right strategy, keywords, bid price, and excellent description you may deliver the information to correct audiences and reach more people.

The Value We Deliver

1. Awareness – build content – Goodness of your menu

Consumers today are more concerns about diet and nutrition, source of ingredients, food quality, food allergies and so forth. According to the research, people now tend to love the traditional ingredients and techniques in cooking, meatless and healthy meals, and innovation and customization foods. Follow the trend and showcase the uniqueness of your food with interesting social media content. Take several attractive foods photos and upload it to website is another method to attract consumer. They may visit your restaurant because of the photos.

3. Engagement & decision – maximize conversion – Interactive game and offers

Run some interactive game with valuable offers such as rebate and discount coupon, membership points, free gift, and free products able to transfer consumers to your customers. Celebrate every famous holiday like Valentine, Halloween, New Year, Christmas and advertise the events will allow you to remind your brand in the memory of customers so they will visit your restaurant when the day comes.

2. Perception – create interest – shows your concern

There’s always a reason behind the creation of restaurant menu. Let people know the reason and express your concern about their health, nutrition, fitness, and etc through online to convince people that you know what they really need. You may also upgrade your restaurant with some high-tech tools or gadgets that ease your customer ordering processes and employees work. These strategies allow you to bring the feeling of caring to your customer and enhance brand perception.

4. Advocacy – Advocacy marketing – WOM

Monthly or yearly training program for your employees to maintain their great quality of customer services. Update latest information such as new menu, celebration or new opening for your restaurant through online platform. Upgrade your restaurant’s tools or system in order to keep in pace with the technology development. Create an amazing experience for your customer is essential to turn your them into your promoter and spread the positive WOM.

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