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Leverage Social Media

Social media can be the great way to connect you and your audiences. But create the engagement and attraction towards the content you share is always the hardest part. Posting and sharing the informative content that are relevant to your audiences like health tips and the news related to your practice. A combination of carefully selected social media platforms and excellent content can tremendously help you attract new patients and engage existing ones.

Offer Cash Discounts or Free services

There are increasing number of patients have health insurance, but they will be more happier and satisfies with service if you consider to offering a cash discounts. Offer free services is also another way to let the new patients have the chance to try out your services. It could be something as simple as free blood pressure screening or free flu shot for certain amount of patients. This event’s purpose is not about giving discount to attract customer but is a way to remind them about your brand.

Updating Customer

Keep in touch with customer is always the best way to enhance your brand and product presence in the centre mind of customer. Remind upcoming appointments and routine checkout to patients so they won’t miss out any booking they have made. Send helpful updates throughout the year like general health tips and news about your practice is also another way to keep in touch with your patients and target customers. It may increase customers’ interest and love the content you share.

Produce Pamphlets & Brochures

Pamphlets and brochures can help you to inform customer about your practices, services, and the conditions you treat. You can give this brochures to new customers, free to take in your healthcare office, give them out on health fairs or other related events. This will be a good option and handy for the customers who aren’t comfortable for using internet to search for healthcare information especially for elderly person. 

Create Informative Videos

Sometimes you find out there is time consuming when customer need to read the long and complicated medical content and procedure on your website. The best way to overcome the issue is create short and exiting video to save customer’s time and attract their interest. Video as an educational tools can easily transfer the information about your medical services, content and procedures to customers. It helps your medical services to become more customer centric. 

Connect with Community & Publication

As a healthcare professional, you must involved with local people and gain some degree of trust from the community. Offers local schools and communities to participate in health fairs, reserving a classroom to host a free lecture about the healthy eating tips and so on. Publication is also another form of getting your doctors in front of wider audiences. writing a health column for a local newspaper or magazine, and another blog. Make yourself popular and enhance your healthcare awareness. 

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