Customer Relationship Management

Elevate Customer Experience with Centralized Database and Sales Force

Lead Management

Imagine there’s tool that helps to decipher Facebook leads report into your customer database and that would save a lot of time for sales and marketing team! Tracking lead’s source, grouping lead’s information and managing lead’s status are too useful to generate a helicopter view analysis report for sales presentation and future market targeting.

Sales Conversion Tool

Our CRM system helps convert sales by including useful widgets such as the creation of events like calendar to schedule meeting, conference call or appointment as a remind tool for a better time management for a salesperson. They also can utilize the programme as customer data hub, so to do better preparation to check info and status of potential customer beforetheir presentation.

Sales Force Automation

A good CRM connect and ensure compliance from sales team and support teams at every process. Automation setting of task delegation such as generation of quotation and sales order will get your teams informed in speed of light and therefore to initiate their respective job efficiently

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