How to Reach Out to More People, Attract Relevant Prospects and Convert More Sales Online with Digital Marketing?

Stop paying thousands of burning ads yet compromise less result for more investment, and let’s discover how to attract relevant customers with consistent result in the next 90 days.

What Most Challenges You’re Facing in Digital Marketing?

Why 80% of digital marketers are struggling for unfavorable result even digital-powered era has been here for a decade… Sound Familiar?

Challenge #1

The Result is NOT In line with the Investment

Most business owner experienced this, you’ve been trying various approaches with ever increasing budget yet couldn’t reach the result as expected. The truth is when there’re more and more people knowing the tips & tricks of digital ads, the more you’re paying in order to get the same result.

Challenge #2

Leads are NOT Genuine and Irrelevant

You’re spending a lot of time in talking to a lot of ‘suspects’ getting from inbounds who are not your potential prospects. Your cost is not only the increasing CPL (Cost per Lead) but the time & opportunity cost of focusing on the right audiences that may be captured by others.

Challenge #3

Inconsistent Performance with Ups & Down Result

Usually, a new marketing idea with lower barrier of entry will have shorter cycle of implication. Your performance will not be consistent when more and more people are doing the same with follower or ‘copy & modify’ mentality and this will give ‘apportionment’ impact to your campaign.

What Most Business Owners Are Doing Wrong That Cause Tons of Burning Ads?

If you’re feeling unsatisfied with the performance of your digital marketing, frustrated with under-communication, exhausted with long discussion hours and burning ads, wondering how you can possibly run your digital marketing in revenue and cost effective manner, you’re not alone.

You can’t get a great result in digital marketing by purely focus on the digital channel alone by running ads with just a common posting skill in copywriting and graphical design, but instead of running proven marketing practices with strategic marketing plan.

You Can Overcome the Challenges by Settling More for Less

Let’s explore how your result will greatly improve by getting more Relevant Leads with a more Consistent Result, through an effective digital marketing process.

Stage 1

Simulation (for Potential Optimization): The Insights, Planning & the Strategy

The ultimate goal at this stage is to finalize a tipping point strategy that allows you to outperform the rest. You need to kick-off the plan with revisiting your mission, conduct analysis to get insight of your current market position and also your competitors’.

You’ll then undergo the process of strengthening your uniqueness value proposition based on your target segment and at last, compose a compelling offer that make you be the big fish in a small pond.

Stage 2

Activation: The Application, Resources & the Content

You are bringing ideas to life at this stage. To produce a consistent and long-lasting result, it’s important to prepare a schedule planner with the finalized the content, the channel and the required resources.

This should be applied based on the proven best practices, a ‘Prove & Improve’ approach rather than ‘Trial & Error’. After all, schedule planning with context, and align the system with the right focus will ultimately reduce your marketing investment especially the expensive ads.

Stage 4

Revision: The Analytic, Insight & Refine

There’s no one time bingo, marketing is about continuous adjustment, and refine based on the analysis of market feedback. All you need to get is the instant info that’s gathered through data collection and analytical tool that will increase the accuracy of your prediction.

The key at this stage is to response quickly to ever changing competitive business environment to achieve consistent performance.

      Stage 3

      Optimization: The Execution, Development & Implementation

      On-track schedule counts but performance counts twice. To produce a breakthrough result, you need a team that’s discipline enough in execution, the expert that owns ‘all-time research’ mindset as to keep both, the schedule and performance on track.

      After all, never rely on a single source, there’s always an experiment of blend & mix with the combination of multiple digital channels before you’re achieving desired result.

        Stage 5

        Relation: The Connection, Engagement & Advocacy

        In order to create digital rapport with your audiences, you need to take a different approach on your prospective customers and current customers. To expand to a larger target segment, you need tool like CRM system to explore the unexplored segments rather than competing in existing smaller segment.

        To multiply your result, relationship nurturing is an important stage that strengthens your engagement and connection with audiences, and this will eventually increase repeated business and referral.

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