Digital Marketing Landscape in 2022 has significantly changed

Effective Online

Made for You in Tough TIme

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We know many businesses have been trying hard online and probably experienced many rounds of adjustments in ad and in content, creating different offers trial & error in different strategy and approaches even engaged with various digital marketers and ended up…
Burning tons of hard-earned money that Simply cost them more than they made

What's missing? And what need to be done?

The fact is… in order to get
More Engagement, More Lead & More Conversion
It's not purely about strategy, content, creative and ad

It requires a solid ground of fundamental marketing and conversion skill besides a pure digital approach. It's a combination of innovative digital model, creative digital optimization and online audience relationship management.

And how does it work?

Now, we've got an answer for you
in holistic digital marketing cycle that enables you to

Create deeper trust with your audiences

Make you outshine from competition


Breakthrough Engagements and Acquisitions


Nurture greater audience relationship

As to generate more Leads & Conversion

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We Design for Result

We are the result driven digital marketing agency that applies integrated marketing with holistic approach. We design and gear our efforts to results besides artwork, and conversion is always in our forehead of every work.

Besides maintaining good track records, we have been doing massive research and case studies for variety of products in different lifecycle. We always drive our passion to develop effective marketing approaches and systemize our methodology for online business transformation.

Let's see what we have done in our track records:


ROAS (Return of Ad Spend) 10X times higher within a year to 1:35


Generate more than 20K leads within 12 Weeks

Property Developer

Lower 40% down Cost-Per-Lead in a month


Contact us to know more about the digital marketing tricks in OBT 2.0 &
get FREE Advisory on Digital Conversion Guide (worth RM499) *T&C Apply

In this session, we will drive you through a brand-new perspective of digital business, mainly on:


Display & Social
Social Media Management
Social Media Ads
Display Marketing
Video Marketing (Youtube)
Influencer Marketing
Search Engine
Paid Search (Google PPC)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Creative & Content
Website & Landing Page
Digital Branding
Email Marketing
Strategy Planning
Video & Photo Shooting
Virtual Reality (VR)
Analytics & Review
Joy to share with Connaq
Customer Relationship
Lead Management
Sales Conversion
Sales Force Automation
Execution & Performance
Mobile Marketing
Mobile Application
Call Centre

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