Ever wonder if you could bring in more new dealers a month and retain 90% of all existing dealers?

How do you overcome various challenges so that you can focus on maximizing your reach in supplying more goods to the market?  

Do you find yourself facing these challenges? If you do, you may be one of the 90% of distributors struggling to compete:

Challenge #1

Boost Sales
Ever wondered why you just couldn’t seem to boost sales figures?

Challenge #2

More Cash
Is your company’s cash flow constantly tied up?

Challenge #3

Loyal Dealers
Are all your existing dealers looking for other distributors?

Challenge #4

Accurate Stock Control
Do you have trouble accurately keeping track of your inventory from multiple locations?

Challenge #5

Efficient Operation
Want to know how you can more efficiently run distribution operations?

It’s not easy to be a distributor nowadays

Ever tried boosting your sales department performance, but couldn’t seem to know exactly which salesperson is underperforming

Do you not know who are your loyal dealers/ customers? Did you always miss out on the chance to build ties with them? As a result, your dealers/ customers are constantly jumping ship to buy from another distributor.

What happens when you purchase extra stocks from the manufacturer to fulfill an order, just to realize later on that you could have reallocated the same extra stocks available at another warehouse of yours?

You can easily solve the above challenges using a method known as “Digital Integrated Suite”:

Digital Integrated Suite

Basically integrating digital marketing & powerful software to make huge profits

Stage 1

Increase Your Prospective Customers with excellent Digital Marketing Services

  • Engage highly distinguished digital marketing service providers to generate more sales prospects/ potentials.

Stage 2

Seal More Deals and Close More Sales

  • Keep track of all sales activities of all sales personnel from anywhere.
  • Analyze who are the main contributing dealers.
  1. Focus and build in-depth relationships with these dealers
  2. Slowly develop them into loyal customers who will only purchase from you.

Stage 4

Make Dealers Come Back to You

  • Make it easier for dealers to engage you automatically.
      1. Provide your dealers/ retailers the flexibility of ordering from you online.
      2. Give dealers access to any loyalty rewards and various price categories based on individual rebate contracts.
      3. Set up automatic response to any stock related inquiries.

      Stage 3

      Create More Windows for Cash Collection

      • Attain complete visibility of all internal approval processes.
        1. Approve sales orders only to dealers who don’t have any overdue payments exceeding a certain limit.
        2. Prompt dealers to pay up all outstanding payments before you approve a new sales order to them.

        Stage 5

        Efficiently Control Inventory Level, Avoid Cash Flow Crisis

        • Gain a bird’s-eye view of your inventory level.
        1. Get rid of old stock efficiently and convert excess inventory into cash with a powerful stock management software.
        2. Increase stock accuracy with cross location (multiple warehouses) stock overview and management. 

        With Connaq, You Get Instant Access to the Above Solutions

        Value #1

        Connaq Digital Marketing Agency Increase Your Prospective Customers by 3-Folds

        Connaq digital marketing services made our best performing client a 200% return on investment based on his initial advertising fees. Let us contact you now so we can tell you more about how our digital marketing services are specially tailored to help your distribution business generate crazy amount of new prospective customers.

        Value #2

        Connaq Helps Your Salespeople Close More Sales

        With Connaq Mobile On-The-Move, salespeople gain access to your company’s online database for relevant product information (stock availability, quotation etc.) so that they can easily check the latest stock info without bringing many documents with them.

         Let us contact you now and tell you more about how we help distributors increase overall sales performance.

        Value #3

        Connaq Creates More Windows for Cash Collection for You

        Connaq Sales Electronic Approval module allows you to precisely manage credit limit for every individual dealers. The program can alert you on transactions that needed approval from top management. They can also approve those transactions from anywhere, at any time.

        Let us contact you now and tell you more about how we help distributors collect overdue payments with ease.

        Value #4

        Connaq Makes Dealers Come Back to You

        Connaq Instant Enquiry module grants you the ability to view all necessary info pertaining to your dealers on the same page.

        – Check price book

        – Check History

        – Analysis of Sales & Purchase

        – Stock Info

        Give dealers access to any loyalty rewards and various price categories based on individual rebate contracts.

        Set up automatic response to any stock related inquiries. Make it easier to build deeper connections with your dealers. This makes dealers that much more susceptible of flocking back to buy from you again.

        Let us consult you on how exactly our software can help you today.

        Value #5

        Connaq Helps You Avoid a Cash Flow Crisis by Efficiently Managing Your Inventory

        Connaq’s powerful stock management software offers you a bird’s-eye view, allowing you to centralize management of inventory in every location and accurately allocate goods.

        For internal goods supply, it can be simple & effective to manage inter-co billing (cross company billing).

        Let us contact you now and tell you more about how we help our customers avoid tying up money in stock. 

        RVIM: Rapid & Value Implementation Methodology

        In just under 1 week, your distribution business could be up and running with our software. Easy, user friendly, and customizable according to your business needs.

        Step 1

        Kick-off Meeting

        We’ll brainstorm long-term solutions, determine if any customization is needed based on the nature of your distribution business.

        Step 2

        The Migration Period

        We’ll integrate all your customers’ info from your previous systems (or Excel file) into our software.

        Step 3

        Training for Employees

        We’ll provide the necessary training for your appointed project leader and employees.

        Step 5

        Going Live

        By this point your distribution will have fully implemented and been up and running with Connaq!

        Step 4

        Final Stage Test-run

        We’ll conduct an optional user acceptance test run, to ensure future smooth operational flow.

        Why is it imperative for your business to keep up to date with technology:

        Reason 1

        You mustn’t delay another minute; always be looking out for a better alternative to make your business more efficient, even if it means saying goodbye to long accustomed & inefficient work methods. And Connaq is going to revolutionize your business model.

        Reason 2

        Using complicated and non-effective ways to handle operations will keep staff busy all day, so much so that they can’t focus on the long-term goals of your company (everyone is firefighting rather than moving the business forward). This will prove costly to your business.

        Reason 3

        More and more distribution businesses are choosing Connaq web based technology to improve their efficiency, i.e. they’re getting ahead of the game. Nowadays when connectivity reigns, fast always beats slow, and it is extremely possible for big companies to be overtaken by small enterprises just based on speed alone.

        Why is it imperative for your business to keep up to date with technology:

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