DMAC Intensive Development of Fundamental Digital Marketing

DMAC Intensive Development

That You Can't Afford to Ignore Before You Place an Ad Online

To those who unsatisfied yet forced to compromised with current online results
And couldn't figure out what's critical and dilemma in what needs to be done

Marketing landscape in 2023 has significantly changed

Most businesses are now relying on both offline and online Yet majority of digital initiatives are still falling short Resulting in increasing costs without equivalent returns Somehow, there are still minority businesses succeeded By simply doing the way you were doing Why is this the case? What's missing?

What are the current challenges in today's climate?

What are the current challenges in today's climate?

Your experience is not strange, we feel what you feel

When things couldn’t perform as expected You may be driven to focus on digital strategy and ad optimization Crafting the most relevant content, specifically the design and copywriting However what really matters: the ad or the content? Or is it the offer itself?

You may find yourself making endless adjustments, devising countless strategies in collaboration with various marketers, ending up feeling exhausted after massive efforts, and realizing that you're back at square one

Sound familiar?

Why Majority of Digital Marketers are Still Struggling for Unfavorable Result

…Even though the digital-powered era has been here for a decade?

What are the current challenges in today's climate?

What you have done is not uncommon,

you are not alone

If you've been trying hard online but still have not achieved your desired outcomes, and you feel that your investments have not yielded commensurate return, let's connect.

"The application of DMAC has significantly changed the way we approach Digital Marketing. It has strategically driven our customers from awareness to engagement, triggered the buying desires, and ultimately converted them into buyers."

What needs to be done to get away from this loop?

You can't achieve great results in digital marketing by relying solely on digital channels And running ads with just basic copywriting and graphic design skills

In order to get More Engagement, More Leads and More Conversions It requires a solid marketing foundation that make you more competitive And conversion skill besides a pure digital approach

It's a combination of innovative digital model, creative digital optimization And online audience relationship management

The shocking truth (that most agencies don't tell you or they just overlooked):

"In order to move a business online and optimize its performance, it is always a bigger chunk than the current practice in digital marketing alone."

What Is In It for You?

We have a solution for you: a holistic digital marketing cycle that will help you to:

There’s no accident for long-lasting results,
always keep the main thing the main thing.

What will you get from DMAC Intensive Development?

Who Is This For?

If you've been struggling with your digital marketing initiatives despite numerous attempts And you're tired of wasting your hard-earned money on ads that cost more than they make

Whether you've attempted digital marketing on your own Recruited a team of digital marketers Outsource to freelancer or even hired agency

And you may have witnessed many rounds of adjustments From digital ad to content, primarily visual and copywriting Changing various strategies and countering different offers

Despite all this, you may not have achieved the results you want We understand the challenges you face

We Design For Results

We Make You More Connected to Your Customers

We are the result driven digital marketing agency that applies integrated marketing with holistic approach. We design and gear our efforts to results besides artwork, and conversion is always in our forehead of every work.

Besides maintaining good track records, we have been doing massive researches under Connaq Academy and case studies for variety of products in different lifecycle. We always drive our passion in developing effective marketing approaches and building systemized methodologies for online business transformation.

Now, we are working on a series of crisis-oriented strategies, designed specifically for the Digital Landscape in 2023, to boost your business through a greater online engagement and sales conversion, in most cost effective approach.

Let's see what we have done in our track records:

Healthcare industry with ROAS
(Return of Ad Spend)
10X times higher
within a year to 1:35

Skincare industry with generating
more than 20K leads
within 12 Weeks

Personal care industry with generating
more than 2k leads in 1 week campaign, with CPL lower than RM1

Contact us now to get a booking with our digital strategist for

Free 60-minute

DMAC Development Guide

Digital Model & Acquisition Content

In this session, we will drive you through the patching of critical missing paths that most
marketers overlooked, and focus on the key result areas that effectively bring you
More Results in the same or even Less Effort.

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