Case study: F&B​

(By a restaurant chain owner)

The restaurant chain started off as a stall in a wet market. They then expanded to over 10 shop lots. They wanted to expand into shopping mall outlets but they needed a marketing team to handle all of its marketing needs.

A Custom Marketing Plan

The beginning stage of cooperation between the restaurant and the Connaq team wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. The leads generated weren’t significant enough, restaurant patronage wasn’t increasing. In essence, the restaurant owner initially felt that the decision to engage Connaq to do marketing for them
wasn’t justified.

But Connaq reassured the restaurant owner, significant changes usually only start showing months after the ad campaigns began. Furthermore, optimization is a necessary step to ensure that the right ad campaign and marketing techniques was selected for his business.

Long Term Sustainable Growth

Part of the reason why restaurants do not see results in the first few months after running ad campaigns is that there are just too many competitors in the Malaysian market. It’s important that restaurants build their brand so that consumers remember and look out for their brand amongst the others. This is known as brand awareness amongst consumers.

This is important because the only way a restaurant business could thrive is through sustainable growth, which requires the business to think long-term. And to do that, consumers would have to remember your brand in the future when competition gets fiercer.

Your restaurant brand dictates whether your business will survive.

The Connaq team understands the importance of this concept and spent an equal amount of time and effort in building their brand, everything from digital billboard design and management, ad signboards and banners in the mall, right down to the menu design, flyers, vouchers, and name cards, and of course the various social media ad designs, were solely managed by the Connaq marketing team.

Open New Outlets, Attracting More Investors

It paid off. Within a few months after Connaq started running ad campaigns, the restaurant was seeing up to % increase in new customer visits, …

  • Increase in number of leads: 390%
  • Cost per lead reduced by 50%

It was rough at the beginning, but Connaq persevered and managed to adapt to the restaurant’s business model and modify the marketing technique to better fit them.

The restaurant owner likes to think big. He has always dreamt of expanding his restaurant chain into major south-east Asian cities. To do so, he’ll need to first set up outlets in shopping malls, with the intent to attract more investment into his business. Shopping mall means exclusivity, which will spark confidence in investors.

The marketing job for the first shopping mall outlet for the restaurant chain was handled by Connaq. The team took over all the trivial work (like paperwork for the mall management) that are vital to the smooth set up of the mall outlet, so that the owner could focus on his other internal affairs or branch management.

The restaurant owner was worried sick, he needed the opening to make a splash. It needed to cause a sensation that customers will remember his restaurant and provide a foundation for future shopping mall outlet applications. The Connaq team worked very closely with him, sometimes meeting up upwards of twice a day during the campaign period leading up to the opening day.

Bring In New Customers / Retain Existing Customers

The mall outlet opening was a huge success. Mind you, the shopping mall isn’t dilapidated, nor is it modern and bustling as well. It’s located (somewhere in the Klang Valley)

But the ad campaigns worked like magic and the restaurant had seen long queues persisting for the first 2 weeks of its opening promotional period. The restaurant owner was more than pleased. Connaq instantly became his number one go-to marketing team in the future.

The success story doesn’t stop there, for more outlets mean more customers. More customers mean more workload, and manpower was in short supply. The restaurant sounded out this problem to the Connaq team.

Connaq realized that to retained existing customers (let alone new customers), the business needs to have an efficient internal management team and sufficient workforce. So Connaq took it upon itself and offered consultation to the restaurant. (Contact us to know more about how we do it)

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