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Good Taste started running ad campaigns with Connaq within a few months, the restaurant was seeing up to 58% increase in new customer visits.
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Serve good quality and healthy lifestyle
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Grow branches all over Malaysia


Expand store across Malaysia

The restaurant chain started off as a stall in a wet market. They then expanded to over 10 shop lots. Connaq persevered and managed to adapt to the restaurant’s business model and modify the marketing technique to better fit them. It successfully rebrands their name from “Good taste Restaurant” to “Good Taste”.


Tasty Traditional Food in Malaysia

To provide a new feel and awesome same “Good Taste” continue to be recognized as not only the best wanton noodles house, it is also a chain business that providing a comfort dining experience with good serving quality and tasty food.


Driving foot traffic with Digital

Connaq team understands the important of the concept and spent an equal amount of time and effort in building their brand, everything from digital billboard design and management, ad signboards and banners in the mall, right down to the menu design, flyers, vouchers, and name cards are placed at the offline store. Of course the various online ad designs, were solely managed by the Connaq marketing team.

Connaq mainly focused the campaign on social media, campaign was highlighted the special promotion and awareness program to attract more customers. To come out with membership program, promotional item and run a series of digital campaign, such as interactive promotional game to engage with their customers as to know them better.

It like a magic the sales were growing up constantly every month. Good Taste’s Facebook users also very actively to participate themselves in every Good Taste’s Facebook ads and post. The restaurant owner was more than pleased. Connaq instantly became number one go-to marketing team in the future.

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