What it Takes to Grow Your
Online Sales & Orders
While Restoring Your Business
in Times of Uncertainty

Do It Once, Do It Right.
Discover the 6 Winning Elements of the Digital Business Transformation that will give your business a makeover & overturn what you’re experiencing in the shortest period.

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At this Trying Moments, You might Feel…

Depressed as all your hard work of timeless nights contributed vanished in the blink of an eye.

Lost & Directionless as you do not have control over what’s happening.

Uncertain as unsure if it’s the right time for you to counter the problem at this moment.

Anxious as all the efforts poured from hereafter might be down the drain and even cause more damage.

Stressed-Out as you need to take care of all the stakeholders while managing every part of the business.

It is the Worst Of Times,
but it can also be the Best Of Times

Think about setting a Business Continuity Plan and Business Recovery Plan for your Business while most in the market is still slumbering..

This is an Advantage and the ONLY chance you’ll be able to Go Above and Beyond your Rivals!

It is the Worst Of Times,
but it can also be the Best Of Times

Think about setting a Business Continuity Plan and Business Recovery Plan for your Business while most in the market is still slumbering..

This is an Advantage and the ONLY chance you’ll be able to Go Above and Beyond your Rivals!

From Reactive to Proactive

You're The One Who Can Make the Change

Have you wanted to Step Up doing the Best Things for your Business, your Team, your Customers, your Loved Ones… in the Worst Times? If you see…

  • Bill Gates developed the concept of easy-to-use computing for homes and offices and eliminated some of the highest boundaries for business to leverage technology and pave a new path for Microsoft in US Recession in 1975.
  • Taobao website was launched to provide a solution to the problem of businesspeople not being able to meet face-to-face in 2003 during SARS crisis.
  • Airbnb revamped the market of short-term living quarters for those who were priced out by hotels during the Great Recession in 2009.

Believe it or not, every crisis presents an opportunity! And the Best Time of Rebuilding is Now! If you’re already planning to start but starting nowhere, and now you’re reading this page, then Congratulations! Because by visiting this page, you’ve already taken the first step!

Aim for Transformational Jumps
Not just Fine-Tuning


Strengths come only through Struggles and Great Changes come only through the Appropriate Solutions for the underlying Root Cause.

If you’re thinking Digital Marketing alone can overturn your business, You’re just trying your luck. It consumes time, effort & resources but it doesn’t guarantee a success

Here’s a chance for you to Gear Up your organization for a Sharp Jump during this lull period. Get your Business a Strategic Realignment to Build Resilience in preparation for the New Norm and the all the possible Unfolding After-Shock.

Introducing The 6 Steps of Moving Business Online That Will Change Your Destiny

Whether you’re planning to thrive or just to sustain through this period, this Pack includes a Holistic Approach that will accelerate your recovery. Ironically, the Gradual Shifts that were happening over time will now accelerate to become more immediate behavior change.

Instead of being paralyzed by Fear & Panic, our plan can help to revitalize and bounce back your business steadily.

Business Proposition

Re-Positioning, Re-Targeting & Re-Imaging

Redefine core business principles based on current market demand and refine potential value proposition.

“Never stay the same when market demand is uncertain, revisit your business purpose and identify what you can help based on current market sentiment.”


Strategy Initiation

Strategic Innovation, Clarify Goals & Directional Execution Plan

Formulate strategic innovation with effective business maps, determine wildly important goals and laydown tasks in execution planner.

“No one is affordable for trial and error while doing business in this tough time, everything needs to be organized with realistic plan and directional strategy.”

Performance Management

Master Planner, Project Master & WFH Execution

Optimize performance through effective execution system that aligns the marching and discipline toward key result areas.

“Performance starts with measurement and evaluation. When the scoreboard is visible, most people make the days count even when work-from-home.”


Process Development

Operation Consistency, Align System & Inspire Trust

Build and continue enhance for business operating processes that align the best practices and to reproduce consistent results.

“Never takeoff your business without business process and never stay at the same set of process while there’re changes of business model.”

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing, Branding & Sales Mastery System

Develop integrated offline and online marketing strategy for branding and sales mastery system.

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two-and only two-basic functions: MARKETING and INNOVATION.”

Peter Drucker

Customer Relationships

Online Navigation, Online Customer Experience & the Funnel System

Create advocacy through customer relationships management and funnel system that upholding service experience and repeat business.

“Customers buy experiences, not products. Online relationships without face-to-face always bound to be digital driven through out the entire online experiences.”

Taking Your First Step Right

At this challenging period, all businesses should be making decisions and taking actions during crisis with recovery in mind.

Bring your business onboard with us now and You’ll save up your Time, Effort & Resources by Doing It Right the First Time.
Do It With Class!

Don’t forget… When the crisis is over, it will be clear which companies have the resilience and agility to reshape their business strategy to thrive in the future.

You can choose to be part of the Solution, or the Problem

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