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Rest assure your accuracy with GST Audit Viewer:

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✓ Free of error
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How it Benefits

Unlimited GAF analysis for multi companies 

The GAF Viewer program provide unlimited analysis for multi companies and multi GST Audit File (GAF) at the same time

Easily locate wrong calculation

Easily locate wrong calculation Purchase/Supply input transaction from single transaction up to a document.

Complete Lampiran 2 & GST-03 report Generator

Generate complete format of Lampiran 2  within a minute to ensure the content is matched with your system.

Easily locate wrong tax code

Easily locate wrong tax code assignment in Purchase/Supply transactions.

  Instant chart analysis for multiple periods

We provided instant result chart analysis without design knowledge by just Drag-and-Highlight desired records and the Chart will instantly create on-the-fly.

How it Works

4 Effective ways to verify your GAF file.


Unlimited GAF & Companies


More than 30 ways to Reconcile your GST transaction


Difference GST Figure Highlighted, GAF comparison, GST Detail listing


One click Convert & Free Excel Viewer Tools.

Features Overview

★  General Ledger by Tax Code Analysis

★  Partial Exemption (Mixed Supply) calculation for (IRR, DmR)

★  GAF comparison (GST-03 Audit Trail)

★  GST-03: 5(a), 6(a), 10 to 16 detail listing within a minute.

★  Generate Lampiran 2 & GST-03 report

★  Automatic Lookup GST Status for long list of Supplier/customers

★  Convert GAF to Excel by one click

★  Export listing/analysis content to Excel file.

★  Direct Sage UBS 2015 GST Analyzer tool

★  Auto Reflected Supply/Purchase’ GL Double Entries

Export lising/ Analisys content to Excel file

Detail Listing within a minute

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