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2 Types of Leads You are able to generate on Facebook

Direct Leads

Direct leads are generated by sharing content that links directly back to a form where visitors can share information in exchange for an offer or information. This form is housed on a landing page dedicated to that specific offer.

Indirect Leads

Indirect leads are generated by using Facebook on the path to conversion. While directly promoting landing pages is an instant gratify of leads generated, providing content without a form makes your Facebook presence a friendlier home for content that your fans will want to come back repeatedly.

6 ways to capture leads

Post landing pages for offers directly to Facebook

One of the best ways to generate leads on Facebook is simply to send people directly to landing pages for lead-generating offers. Kindly make sure the offer has a compelling featured image that’s getting pulled into the Facebook post. If they think they’re clicking into a blog post and find themselves needing to fill out a form, they could get confused or frustrated. Use verbal phrases like “Learn more about this” or “Get your free consultant” to indicate where you’re sending them.

Run a contest or

People love contests and giveaways. It is fun and it provide opportunity to study your audience. While engaging with them, you could grow your reach, drive traffic to your website, and of course generating leads.

If the goal of your contest is to generate leads, publish posts on Facebook that include an attractive featured image or video, language that’s compelling and simple, and a link to your contest page where they can fill out a f

Include links to landing pages in your image captions

Most marketers understand the importance of using visuals like images and videos in your Facebook strategy. Facebook posts with images have 2.3x more engagement than those without images. To turn these higher engagement rates into lead generation opportunities, consider including links to your landing page in the descriptions for your images.

Pin posts that link to lead gen offers to the top of your feed

Pinning a post to the top of your Page’s Timeline allows you to highlight what would otherwise be a typical post. A pinned post is signified by a small blue-and-white pushpin icon on the top right of the post.

Add a call-to-action button to your Facebook Page

To be specific, this one isn’t technically a type of Facebook post, but it’s a pretty crucial lead generation tactic that no marketers will want to miss out on. This button is simple but powerful, and it can help drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your website or landing page and other lead generation forms.

Run targeted ads to extend your content's reach

One of the best things Facebook can do for your business is expand your reach to new audiences that are likely to be interested in your content. With this targeted ads you would likely generate leads from your audience. Also note that, they could possibly become followers, leads, and even customers in the future.


We won’t go into too much detail about lead ads here, but creating them is easy. All you have to do is choose your ad creative, target and customize your form fields. Which we are specialize in this field. 😉

Little Tips: How do you extract the information of leads? You can export a CSV straight from your Facebook Page, download them from Ads Manager or Power Editor, or request it directly through the API.

We hope you were inspired by these ideas for ways you can generate leads from Facebook. Remember, though, that Facebook is constantly changing.

These are just a couple ways you can generate leads from Facebook, so we’d love to hear from you. What obstacles you are facing while generating leads through Facebook? What works — and doesn’t work — for your Facebook Fans?

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