“Prevention is better than cure” …to our value customers


Lo Hong Ka has a successful innovative approach in products developments is fast gaining recognition from industry experts and consumers. Lo Hong Ka has received numerous prestigious awards across Asian country.
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Top bird’s nest brand in Malaysia

Lo Hong Ka is the largest instant birds’ nest retail network across the across with more than 100 specialty stores established in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonedia and Signgapore. Lo Hong Ka was winning the Hong Kong Top brand award up to 6 years running.


Promoting natural & healthy Lifestyle

Lo Hong Ka contributes towards society’s wellbeing by developing affordable natural health food and promoting the natural goodness and its therapeutic effects of our products to the younger generations to benefit all future generations.


Driving foot traffic with Digital

Lo Hong Ka uses name, logo and all marks. They highly regarded brand in healthy and beauty industry, as well as the commitment to customer service. On-side training is important to achieve a smooth business launch, by improving their daily operational procedures in an easy-to follow format. To keep Lo Hong Ka franchise unit running smoothly and efficiently. Customers can access online knowledge Base system to update the latest information.

In the marketing support, produce high professional marketing and advertising materials, as well as promotional ideas. Connaq builds Lo Hong Ka’s brand through offline and online, which implement in different platform like e-commercial website, Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping and social media platform.

In the digital society, the make use of digital media become an important tool to reach larger audiences. Especially younger generation, they are the crowd who used to access online. Digital platform utilizes effective publicity to gain visibility and attract customers from various media platform.

Lo Hong Ka builds brand image for various platform like Lo Hong Ka E-commerce website, Social media branding and Google appearance. These are the ways to make interaction exchange between merchant and customers. Lo Hong Ka builds their social media platform to maintain their good relationship with customers. Merchant can know more about their customers by receiving their feedback through social media. Social media is connected with various platforms like website and Google. The platforms bring customers together between two or more parties.

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