Case study: LTT Lean Brothers

The major issue in the distribution line is that the price book is hard to manage, and to obtain price history of individual dealers you’ll have to refer back to old filings. Since there are so many items in the spare part industry, it’s really hard to let our salesperson simply know all of the info without depending on some kind of system. Without a system, we had to use Excel and manually record down whatever info, which will cause a big issue in our business because of the possibility of human error in data entry.

We used to work with 3A system and we’ll just run simple billing & accounting, and stock management processes. Since they have multiple companies stock management, I need to export and console manually for the stock info.

Then I switched over to Connaq. There are many things I like about Connaq software. Their Instant Enquiry module helped us handle all phone enquiries. From a business point of view, employees who receive calls must ‘catch’ customers and ensure customers sign up for something before ending the call.

Therefore, this module is very important. Because now I can quickly view product photos to avoid taking the wrong parts (car spare part items are quite similar).

And, we can view the price history or quantity ordered of any existing dealers immediately without referring back to the other reporting pages.

Sometimes when dealers request to order stock, my employees can also view the Analysis and communicate with customers. If those are slow moving items, we won’t allow reordering if quantity is low.

After I get the instant enquiry, I hired a few new workers who aren’t really familiar with our industry, but they don’t seem to be facing any difficulties learning the ropes as the software is very intuitive and easy to familiarize.

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