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Mobile On-The-Move is a handy system uniquely designed to streamline sales processes in a business, particularly suited for business owners and sales consultants. Sales processes could be performed anywhere and anytime, as easy as using a mobile phone or a tablet. It is fast and error-free!

Trace and track Sales & Collection KPI

Access real time sales & collection information across your organization and match them with your KPI. Perform immediate actions to boost your sales & improve collection period based on the most up-to-date information.

Stock Instant Enquiry 

Gain insights on your stock level and price variances at your fingertips, even when you’re off-site. It strengthens the ability to offer your existing and new customers the available volume with the most competitive price, hence upgrading your trustworthiness!

Mobile eOrdering

Initiate on-the-spot ordering by the hassle-free system, without involving the clericals. It streamlines your sales processes, including the prompt generation of sales documents, hence easing the close of sales and fastening customer payments!

No more reasons for errors,

only more sales and productivity!

Features of Connaq MOTM

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