Your donation changes the lives of children with brain injury


PKKII 19th
Annual Charity Dinner

Live a Meaningful Life By Helping Others

We can make a happier place, deliver a new life for you, for me, and for the brain damage kids.

Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Insan (PKKII) is a non-profit organisation which has been established for 19 years since 1998. PKKII has adopted 52 children staying in PKKII. These children suffer from Autism, ADHD, developmental delay and more.

大马大爱脑伤症儿童基金协会(大马大爱)自1998年成立迄今已有19年。 目前大爱之家收养了52位全日留宿的脑伤儿童,其中包括自闭、过动、学习缓慢及注意力不集中等脑伤症儿童。

PKKII provides a shelter for them to avoid heavy rain and wind, but those poor children still need the rest of the people who can give them help, compassion, concern, warmth, security, as well as life and education support. Your sincere support can really change their life.

大爱之家提供了遮风挡雨的避风港之外,这群苦难孩子更需要大家伸出援手,加添关怀,温暖,安全,给与生活和教育的支持。 您的善念,您的善行,将会改变他们的命运。

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" The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention"

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Insan Welfare Society of Brain Injured Child

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