SECRETS TO GENERATE 10X LEADS without burning your


We have discovered that most of the real property agents are facing these Problems:

Cold Calling

Have you ever encountered fear and frustration after your customers reject you? 

Worst of all, taking courage to call hundreds or thousands of customers but hardly get sales? 

Even though you are good in cold calling, consider that only 1% of cold calls actually result in meetings, how many calls do you need to make in order to close deal?

Burning Money on Ads

Paying your hard time to learn online ads function? But still, low ROI for every investment you made. Keep getting unqualified customers that may make you discouraged for using online ads.

Low Conversion Rates

Work so hard to get leads through online medium but customers only ask for more information and not interested to purchase? Some of them don’t even realise that they have submit the enquiry message before. Conversion rate is so low and make you mad!


Here is How You Can Overcome

Step 1:

Build Content

Portray Your Flagship Property

Deliver the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your product, like the property has 4 or more rooms, basement store room, strategic location, equipped with workout facilities and so on with compelling contents such as limited time offer, affordable price, and instant rebate will eventually lights on your prospect's interest. High quality and resolution of photos and videos that edited with attractive layout is another valuable content that able to catch your audiences's eyes easily when they browse your website or using social media.

Step 2:

Generate Interest

Create a positive brand perception

Tell your prospects how is your products attributes will helps or benefits them to get what they want is the easiest way to generate interest and positive perception. Property that equipped with workout facility help you to get healthy, strategic location able to minimise your daily workload, and so on. Organise the special events that exclusively for loyalty customer and encourage positive review and testimonials from customers not only retain existing customer but also create the feel of caring and respect towards the new customers. Example, loyalty customers page on your website and extra benefits for loyalty customers.

Step 3:

Maximise Conversion

Handle prospects effectively

More engagement you can deliver when prospects participate to your offline events. Showroom, educational classes, consultation and so many more you can organise to keep engaging with your prospects. Try your best to use E-mail, social media, website, or any others digital platform to spread your events and campaign information to transfer them from online to offline. Prepare some small gifts like your company signature key chain, property megazine, or even some light dishes will make them feel appreciated and keeping good relationship with your company.

Step 4:

Advocacy Marketing

Nurture Brand Advocates

Follow up services, email newsletter and offers are vital to success your referral program. Training program for your employees to maintain excellent customer services, fulfil customers's enquiries, provide useful information on social media and website, organise some event or campaign, and so on. These strategies allow you to build amazing customer experiences and spread the positive word-of-mouth (WOM) thus success your advocacy marketing objective.

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