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Regal motors successful generated 200 leads a month with the lowest cost of inbound leads.
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Expand store across Klang Valley

Regal motors are one of the most popular Proton showroom located in Kuala Lumpur. In the year 2018, Regal motors have officially launched its new 4S dealer outlet across Klang valley. To serve customers better, they insist to provide the good services for customers to access their outlets.


Promote Top Services

Regal motors are ranked as one of the Top 10 dealers in Malaysia. They have built good reputation and valued customers that have supported. Regal motors wanted to expand their online presence in car services center and exposure of Proton X70 to public.


Driving foot traffic with Digital

Connaq team builds out the idea to promote car services and Proton X 70 to the maximum. To start the campaign by strategies 2 digital platform such as Google ads and Social media campaign at the same time. Which to use push and pull marketing plan to enhance online exposure to reach the targeting goals.

Google Ads expert manages the ads regularly to make sure the targeting and demographic are going smooth. With customize report, the Ads expert make sure the results effective. Firstly, a catchy headline is important to relate what customer usually searches for the ads. The keywords can be trickled the google ads, the more clicks received the more opportunity for searchers to aware of Regal Motors’ services on Google Ads.

Social media is an important marketing strategy to build brand awareness. Connaq aims to attract audiences to aware of Proton X70. Connaq designs a series of marketing campaign to target specific audiences. Besides, ads expert to analyze the attractiveness of visual design impacts the leads conversion of the ads. The relevant content is important to inform and remind the audiences successfully while looking the ads.

The new synergy has successfully utilized Digital media to build brand exposure to relevant users. With the collaboration with Connaq, Regal motors satisfy with Connaq, to drive lead and maintaining the sales almost every month.

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