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A design of digital lifestyle that optimize your potential through internet applications

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Connaq helps to generate inbound leads, increase enquiry and sales conversion, get paid faster with online order taking and instant billing while real-time update to your accounting system.

Get your ‘Lead Capture Webpage’ and see a significant incrase in your business. 

Connected Business

A digital lifestyle that make you more connected

Connected Office

Bringing your business with you… wherever you go!

Connected Customer

Go digital... stay connected with your customers!

Connected Community

Let's collaborate for more business... in one community!

What Digital Solution make possible

Make your business more connected and instant access universally.

Digital Marketing

Website Development

Trusted information on your products or services been populated in the website

Landing Page

Landing page is an effective tool for marketer to deliver specific messages to achieve specific goal.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a marketing strategy that focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results

D’ Business Profile

Showcase your company profile, products and a brief introduction of yourself in an e-business profile which is dynamically link to your website. 

Email Marketing

 Email marketing is still booming with almost $3 billion spent on marketers to get their message to your inbox.

Mobile App

According to 2017 mobile usage report, mobile devices dominate 71% of total minutes spent online

Google Adwords

The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people clicks

Facebook Marketing

Social media use web-based, computers and mobile technologies to create highly interactive platforms

A short video to show how Connaq can help in growing your business.

Business Application


Customer Relationship Management  – Always Stay Connected with your Customers

Incrase your sales conversion loyalty rate beyond lead generation.
Sales Force Automation

Delighting customer with Service Centre Automation
Service Centre Automation
Your whole information travelling with you on the go!
GST Accounting
Remote control beyond real-time stock control
Stock Control


A complete business suite addresses your major concerns beyond your accounting system

What Our Clients Say

Connaq has proven to be a helpful business solution. Service provided by Connaq in term of support is prompt & excellent. Most importantly, I'm able to access my account on the go now.
Ms Katherina
Metro Labels Sdn Bhd
I'm happy with Connaq consultant & service teams, they always provide me additional software & GST training to keep me update. Web system really convenience. I'm able to prepare my account anything at anywhere.
Ms Lily
Hogans Enterprise Sdn Bhd
You get all the tools you need packaged into one service for a really great price with Connaq.

Ms Fira
Mithira Enterprise

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Digital Marketing

Landing Page
Google AdWords
Social Media
Email Marketing
Mobile App

Business Application

Stock Control
Sales Force Automation
Service Automation Centre


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