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Let’s move with digital… to generate more enquiries with lead capture webpage at the price that everyone can afford.
✓ Save Time
✓ More Leads
✓ More connected to your buyers


How It Benefits

How real estate agent sells more through a new world of internet marketing

Hint: It’s about more opportunities in less effort

Attract Attention

Display your property features with attractive photos and contents.


Increase Inbound

Buyers usually feel more comfortable to deal with genuine and creditable agent who publishes their profile.


Fast Spreading

It can be shared through Whatsapp, email, link to Facebook and other social media.


Call to Action

You will be more interactive with buyers through internet.


More Information

Buyers prefer agent with more choices where landing webpage
is the most spacious for you.

Why Own Your Webpage… instead of rely on Industrial Webpage?

Increase your uniqueness with independent webpage rather than tag along with your industrial website.


Impressive Header

Get your unique elevator speech in the first line of the page to attract attention and continue reading.


Professional Layout

71% of users read your message from mobile hence make sure it’s presentable mobile friendly webpage.


Reduce Competition

Customer who found you in industrial website will also find others who are directly compete with you, thus make you the only one rather than one of many.

Get your ‘Lead Capture Webpage’ and see a significant increase in your business.

**Terms & Conditions Apply.

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