The power of Search Engine

Leverage the result of traffic and conversion rate to your website and page.
Paid Search (Google PPC)

Paid Search is marketing on search engine by using tools like Google Ads. Advertisers also known as bidder and they works on set of keywords and pay whenever a click generated on their advertisement. In another words, your display ad is free until there is a click to your ad. The best thing with paid search is to expose and increase brand awareness in the lease budget, at the same time reach to your prime target instantly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rank up your webpage in the search result with the play of search algorithm and progressing pattern. Ranking result always affected by the search index, customized results by users and the attributes of the webpage. Leads from SEO always readied specific requirements or the intention to solve the problem they are facing now. Therefore, SEO always pulls in quality traffic and hence, higher close rate for your business. Strong SEO ranking will also dramatically increase the customer attribution and build trust with potential customer at the same time.

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