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Easily Maintain Your Stock

Connaq Stock Control emphasized in optimizing the inventory level of your business effectively.
Overstocking denotes unhealthy inventory level as too much holding stock and will tie up the cash flow.
On the other hand, understocking implies insufficient on hand stock and might lose the potential sales.

In Connaq Stock Control give you a quick snap shot of:
up to date sales, purchase orders, goods receipts and real-time tracking of inventory via internet.

Inter Location System

Inter-Location system takes care of Inter Corporate Billings and Inter Branch Transactions. Stock movement can be tracked easily from time to time for all locations. This feature helps in saving time since internal restock and purchase can be managed in the same system as well as an order can be issued instantly.

Instant Enquiry

Connaq Instant Enquiry module enables users to perform instant online checking for product pricing and available on hand stock. This feature allows quotations or invoices to be generated right after the product enquiry take place and without routing to Sales Entry process. Obviously, it is a great benefit for the businesses especially those with a lot of inbound enquiries which needed prompt response for all customers’ enquiries. Indirectly, this will enhance the payment cycle with instant billing functions. In this module, sides information can also be included such as brief insight about products, price list, stock status, transaction history and others relevant marketing information.

Price Category

Connaq Price Category caters unique pricing platform for different group of customers. Different markup level can be pre-defined and set for multiple groups of customers. The transaction will automatically pick up the pre-defined mark-up data base on last Purchase Price. There is a setting that available for promotion pricing where it can be overriding during the specific promotion period.

Features of Connaq Stock Control

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