Talent, Your Business Future

Know the Art of Literacy, Selection, Education, and Employment Talents.

How to defined talent

Talent is someone who has a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught.

WHY? We Need Talent

Invest In The Future

The vital thing about talent acquisition is forward looking. Hiring the right people who equipped with the skills will develop into managers and senior manager. Rather than just putting the new employee for replacement purpose and they may not fit to the job assigned.

Reduces Risks

Having the wrong person performing any job functions can lead to an increase risk of errors and lowered productivity. Using a talent acquisition strategy makes sense because it reduces the risks involved with recruiting bad hires, which, in the end, will lower costs, save time, and boost productivity.

Competitive Advantage

The biggest asset for a company is their employees. The right people will have the skills to ensure that work is being completed properly and on time, more motivated and more productive in the workplace.

But, The Realistic Is

too much of employers and too limited talents

86% of the most qualified candidates for your open positions are already employed and not actively seeking a new job.
42% of employers are worried they won’t be able to find the talent they need.
62% of employers feel the labor market is candidate-driven.
86% of recruiters feel the labor market is candidate-driven.
Approximately three quarters (72.8%) of companies are struggling to find relevant candidates.
73% of candidates are passive job seekers.
Top candidates stay available for 10 days.

Company Always Use the Wrong Technique

The Hire

OK, the perfect candidate may not exist. That doesn’t mean you should rush to hire just anyone. Take your time. Think about what it’s going to cost in time and money to hire. You could end up having to repeat the whole process.

Relying Too Much on References

How much can you trust the information on a résumé? Almost 60 percent of employers have discovered a lie on a résumé. For example, a candidate who claimed to be a construction supervisor admitted in his interview that he had only built a doghouse in a backyard!

Expecting Too Much From A New Recruit

Typically, it takes a new starter about three months to become fully integrated into the team and to begin producing results. It’s understandable to want her to “hit the ground running,” but this can mean that you don’t give her the time to “learn the ropes” properly.

Problem Faced

That's Why, We Are Here To Help You!
Special Talent Acquisition Plan, Exclusively For You!

  1. The Flagship – Create awareness through your company unique selling proposition. The way your product could help agents to generate sales and leads. Putting customer testimonial is also another way to generate trust.
  2. The ideal lifestyle – Create a great perception through sharing the lifestyle of top agents in your company on social media and website. This is the best way to create a positive perception and attract the quality agents.
  3. Knowledge sharing corner – Create engagement by held a seminar or webinar that sharing about top agent’s success story, knowledge and experience is another way to enhance your company brand awareness and attraction.
  4. The invitation – Let the interested talents make decision to work in your agency. Offers several unrefusable benefits with limited timeframe to quality candidates and faster the process of decision making.
  5. The leads management – Advocacy, shows them your sales management system and follower activation process able to help them generate leads and sales. With effective system, your company able to create loyalty for existing talents and attract more quality candidates.

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