Getting the right talent is #1 key

We each other expertizing and building up the team for a constant development

Our team is unique, coming from diverse professional backgrounds bounds for better value and growth, making learning boundless progress


Don’t make yourself stressed at work. We are always by your side, but indeed, we aren’t babysitting you. We are pursuing everyone involved and thriving for ourselves and the company, constantly improving from the past.

Our initiative is to unleash everyone’s hidden talent capability to successfully exercise it.

Our Fun Facts

Over 2500+ work completed
& still counting


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Fun is the greatest incentive

We are workaholics however we are fun to get along with. The harmonious environment is where team quality builds; captivating and sharpening our motivation even greater.

Most importantly we are human beings, ain’t robots. Talk to us about anything you like; a good hangout place, weekend eatery, crazy things you’ve done... apparently, just anything.

Oh yea, last but not least... “Smile” is our greatest asset, and make full use of it.

A Hello a day keeps the spirit always!


Interns are welcome at Connaq!

Our internship program helps you elevate your education by learning industry-based experiences for the opportunity to develop and further enhance your field of study.

It is a fun yet rewarding journey in addition to your study with more discovery and inspiration development in achieving your career goals. At Connaq, we are creating experiences that are worth remembering.



Ready to be part of the Connaqer?

Connects the we are Connaq

Why just internship, while our door opens for you too after your academy?
Just scoop us up whenever you ready. We will be delighted to see you again.