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Connaq helped Klinique to apply the right marketing principles for the clinic. Plus, the beauty clinic has a skilled sales team, so they were able to close almost 100% of all leads generated.

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Return on renew skin tissue
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Store young
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Improving skin tone as well as the rate of collagen production
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Grow back healthy, appearing more vibrant and plump


Trying Toward Success

Initially the beauty clinic had engaged with another digital marketing agency but they could only generate few leads with the agency. They then decided to let another digital marketing agencies run ad campaigns for the clinic at the same time.


Maintain to generate great leads

The Klinique wanted to generate leads with digital marketing agency as to become the top 3 of one of it store within Sri Petaling area, which to increase brand awareness and sales.


Driving foot traffic with Digital

Connaq designed the ads are more interactive with a lot more videos projects, compared with previous marketing provider. Connaq proposed that the clinic invite influencers, whose contacts they’re ready to provide to the clinic, to shoot some videos promoting the clinic’s services. The Connaq team gave the beauty clinic shooting consultation, edited their videos, brainstormed new ideas with them, etc. Generally they collaborated very closely with each other, until they’re breaking sales records almost every month.

The Klinique also provided friendly and professional services. They strive to offer great service, ensuring all treatments are performed in the most comfortable and sterile of environments using only the best products. Thus, the best services and products always aimed to drive good results. With the collaboration with Connaq, the Klinique had successfully drive lead and maintaining the sales almost every month.

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