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Festive Booster 贺年广告战

Kicking your holiday campaigns into high gear on any festive event is a great way to bring in significant sales and revenues. While plenty of brands have started pushing their sale promotions earlier and earlier each year, it is important for your promotion to stand out from the crowd.  

每逢佳节,商家都会推出广告应节,以增加销量,不管是华人农历新年,圣诞节,开斋节,万圣节都有不少应节广告在网络。每个行业都会顺着这佳节趋势而行, 所以促销活动的广告得从人群中脱颖而出,来吸引粉丝,提高流量。

The Sense of Urgency & Scarcity  提高购买紧迫感

We’re in a culture of “Now!” With the festive cutoff date for purchase or limited sales offer, it increases the fear of missing out and they are more likely to act quickly and buy. One of the best ways you can boost your festive sales and getting your customers to feel the burn.


Tap into Your Customers’ Emotions 击中顾客心中的那根弦

Festivals bring out lots of emotions in people. When customers are happy, they are more inclined to purchase more. We have the confidence in positioning your campaigns as festive that engage people with emotion while viewing your brand. Adding small touches of holiday-themed graphics and colors to your social media advertising can increase the proclivity for consumers to purchase from you.


High Spending Power During Festive 消费高峰期

This is the one time of year that people expect to get marketing sale promotion and begin searching for holiday shopping deals after they got the bonus from the company! It’s also important to remember that friends and family will be gathered together, the holiday season is all about giving – this means most people will spend more to purchase.  

我国广大人民群众向来有在佳节期间选购特价商品的习惯, 因此在这段时间里,也就相应地形成了一个节日生活物资的消费高峰。许多消费者会在佳节期间蜂擁辦年货,购买节日礼品来送礼给家人好友,所以宣传活动在这时扮演着重要的角色,以取得這個消費高峰期的生意额。

Amount of Time Spent on Social Media 网络平台的使用频率增加

Social media channel plays a significant role in the purchase journey during the festive season – everyone seems to be online and searching for special sale offers. You can offer the massive discounts that all other competitors do, but what will make you stand out is adding value to each purchase. We would be happy to help you with this!



A good opportunity for sale clearance 大促销的好时机

Consider launching a pre-holiday clearance sale, so you can unload last season’s merchandise and make room of discount for holiday items. Most importantly, these marketing campaigns needed to be attractive and effective enough to feature your products on social media, we would never run out of ideas!

佳节期间追加折扣大特卖,这是因为各种的小便宜, 能把握住客戶的心理。所以,你的广告需要具有吸引力和独特的营销广告战略,为它们提高竞争力。

Low buying power after festive 购买力下降的现象 

A slow purchasing behavior after the festive season is almost expected. With good marketing strategy, you can lure those customers into your store even after the festive season is over. We work with you to implement the right strategies after CNY offering them enough reasons to shop with you! 



Don’t get left out! 别错失机会

What we meant by this is don’t follow the flow blindly. However, if you’re not starting your process in digital marketing you will get eliminated in a rapid speed. 


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